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Time under tension, compact training tool.

Suitable for every level of fitness.

Improves upper-body strength, stamina and fitness

Designed to be effective and challenging.

Practical to use anywhere, even in a chair.

Gradual improvement supports rehabilitation.

Compact and light-weight design makes it easy to store and transport.

Supported by an increasing range of workout videos.



ZWITCH is a compact training tool which enables you to do an upper-body ‘Time under Tension’ workout targeting biceps, forearms, chest, and shoulders. 

It’s suitable for every level of fitness, from beginners to fitness professionals; ZWITCH provides the right level of workout intensity from the start, enabling all users to improve their physical performance and stamina.  

The design may look simple, but that’s the key to its success.

The way ZWITCH works is you build your muscle tension through the ZWITCH, so you are basically working against your own strength, the more muscle tension you put in, the more you get out and so the stronger you get ……and the stronger you are, the more tension you can put in……and so on.

This gradual improvement makes it suitable to aid rehabilitation following an injury or just to maintain upper-body mobility as it can easily be used in a wheelchair or any seated position. 

Not only is ZWITCH easy and safe to use, it’s light and compact design make it the ideal ‘take anywhere’ piece of gym equipment, so whether you have limited storage space, travel a lot or want to warm-up muscles before competing, it’s the perfect exercise companion

If you do any sport that requires upper-body strength or you just want to improve your upper-body fitness, you will benefit from using ZWITCH. 

ZWITCH is one of those products that until you try it you won’t believe how good it is, just read some of the testimonials.

Added Bonus

When you have purchased your ZWITCH you will be able to start doing our workouts, and start seeing the difference in your body shape and upper-body strength. The beauty of ZWITCH is you don’t have to exercise for long to see your upper-body fitness improve, each exercise only takes between 30 – 60 seconds, so a few minutes a day will make a difference. You can no longer use the excuse that you “don’t have time to exercise!”

We are developing new workout’s all the time, and the more proficient you get you can incorporate ZWITCH exercises into your Leg and Abs workouts here is an example of just two

Manufacturer Tough Life Products Ltd
Country of manufacture UK
Product weight 330gms
Product dimensions 184mm x 184mm x 40mm
Material type 82% recycled materials
  • Body – plastic & nylon
  • Grips – rubber
Packaging 100% recycled material
Packaging dimensions 200mm x 187mm x 45mm
Packed product weight ~ 415gms
Strength data
  • Mean compressive force
  • Mean tensile force
  • 6.19kN (1.13MPa)
  • 3kN (39.26 MPa)

3 reviews for Switch

  1. Martin king

    Best workout I have ever had ‘ total body pump ‘great piece of equipment.

  2. Dave Makin

    I used to play rugby until I had a life changing injury, which resulted in an above the knee amputation; I just wish I had found ‘ZWITCH’ when I was in the early stages of my rehabilitation.
    Its light weight design helps to remove some of the fear of exercising when you are in significant pain, and I couldn’t believe the intensity of the workout I got whilst seated, I can only manage 9 minutes and my heart-rate is up and believe me, I am sweating. My ZWITCH is so compact and I like it so much it’s coming on holiday with me.

  3. Jake Rainford

    Perfect way to build forearm strength for bouldering or rock climbing

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